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Employment Contracts – Factors Employees Need To Consider

Weighing up the options employment contractsBefore leaving a current employer, with whom you may have accrued employment rights, it may be beneficial to get advice on the terms being offered by the potential new employer, just to check whether the employment offer is really as good as it first appears.

In addition our consultants often advise employees on their rights with an existing employer,  for example when circumstances change such as due to returning to work after maternity leave or due to ill health.  In such cases employees often want to understand  their rights and perhaps to understand the options available.  Our HR Consultants often advise and support employees negotiating more flexible working terms to accommodate their new circumstances.

Review of employment contract prior to starting new job

Having a competent professional who knows what is legal, what your rights are and what is the common practice for the role being offered in that market sector, gives you assurance that you understand the terms being offered, what you will need to comply with, the constraints and limits on what you can do and  if those terms are reasonable and fair.  This can be particularly important if you’ve been with your current employer for a while and are a little unfamiliar with the market for your skills and expertise and by leaving you will be losing some valuable accrued employment rights or if your circumstances change.

Taking advice is not just prudent but also indicates that you take your obligations as an employee seriously and by understanding the facts you put yourself in a better position.  If there are concerns with the contract, HR First can support you to negotiate amendments to the contract.

HR First are experts in devising and reviewing contracts.  We quickly identify the more important terms, given the client’s circumstances,  and set out the options available to you to resolve the issue.  In this way our clients gain a fair balance which suits everyone.

Support available for employees includes:

  • understanding any existing accrued employment rights;
  • interpreting and advising on any new employment terms;
  • advice on comparable terms and market rates for the job role and sector;
  • proposing changes to the terms to accommodate changes in lifestyle;
  • when required advice and negotiating with the employer;
  • if an offer is withdrawn for discriminatory reasons or for any other unfair reason, HR First provides support in resolving employment disputes including employment tribunal representation.


Features of a good employment contract