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How to solve employment problems at work

With the decline in trade union membership , many employees find it increasingly difficult to understand where to get employment law advice and guidance about the options available to them when problems at work arise. Causes of problems at work are multifaceted.   Employees may wish to verify the appropriateness of the procedures applied by the employer in a change management or redundancy prog...
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Factors to consider Pension Auto-Enrolment

  Many employers are now becoming aware of their pension auto-enrolment compliance staging date. The ‘staging date ‘ is the date by which an employer must have a pension scheme in place and the date from which the employer must ‘auto-enrol’ qualifying workers. It should be noted that an employer can request to delay its ‘staging date’ for compliance but if an employer wants to invoke th...
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Pension Staging Dates and Auto-Enrolment

A recent survey by the Federation of Small Business (FSB) concerning pension auto-enrolment found that 75% of business owners, who responded to the survey, stated that pension auto-enrolment was putting too much pressure on them.   Further, 45% of respondents in the same survey were unclear about their responsibilities in regard to pension auto-enrolment. The survey also found that 25% of respo...
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Bullying in the Workplace- Learn the lessons from the Conservative Party

This week David Cameron is seeking votes in the Commons to potentially give the authorisation to involve British armed forces in air strikes over Syria, a momentous decision. In the midst of such a critical decision he faces the distraction of a media frenzy following revelations of an unchecked and systemic culture of bullying and intimidation in his own Conservative Party. Although some may s...
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